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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:06 pm
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-Is this an application to join Sun Tzu as a Raid-Member or as a Friend of someone in the guild: I want to join as a raid member.

-Character name:Kuzatheps

-Class, Specc and Dualspecc (Also how is your gear for your dualspecc?):Mage, Fire/Frost, Mosty i only have my main gear but on fire i use a staff and on frost i use offhand and a dagger.

-Professions (lvl): Mining and Herbalism both on 525 and all secondary proffesions on 525 but archeology which is on 200.

-Age: 20

-Country and City: Slovenia(Ljubljana)

-How long have you played WoW:I am playing wow for 4months now but i have already 21 days played=)

-Who if any in this guild do you know and what is your relation to them? (Irl, ingame, brother and so on):I don't know anyone :cry:

- If all of your friends and your whole family turned into zombies what would you do? Call Chuck Noris!

-How much and when do you play, during a normal week: I play a bit in the morning and after and a bit during the day but when the evening starts i am online till late night :D

-Your occupation and working hours: I am going to college so no working hours only drinking hours=)

-Guilds that you have played with and why you left them: The brave 300. Well they are just a lvling guild so.......

-Provide a link to the WoW Armory Database : ... eps/simple

-Provide a link to a recent screenshot of your UI ... 33224.jpg/

-What do you think you can add to our guild, tell us about your self: Well I can add a Mage to ur raid group=) Well i am always up for funny things but when it comes to raids and so i pot on my serious mask=) Easy going laidback guys=)

-What is so special about you which makes you stand out from the bunch? I am always making up jokes so i get people into a good mood=)=)

-If you were a car, what kind would it be? Sports car

-Do you know how to wipe your own ass? No my mom does it for me so no need to learn it!!!

-How much raiding experience do u have (vanilla , TBC & in Wotlk):As i said playing for 4 months=)

- If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring and who would you like to be stranded there with you? I would like to be with Captain Jack Sparow.....i would be of that island in no time so no need to take anything with me=)

- Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and how do they feel about you playing WoW? RL is overrated!

- Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account? No i don't.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:02 pm
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Accepted as a trial.

Pm for invite.

Welcome aboard

I used to be Schizophrenic BuT WE aRe oK nOw...
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