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Application - Joniq[Warlock]

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:53 pm
**Application:** [Warlock] Joniq

-Character name: Joniq

-Class, Specc and Dualspecc (Also how is your gear for your dualspecc?): Destro atm, got demo as offspec

-Professions (lvl): Tailoring (full)

-Age: 18

-Country and City: Sweden, Stockholm

-How long have you played WoW: Since release

-Who if any in this guild do you know and what is your relation to them? (Irl, ingame, brother and so on): Do not know anyone since i just changed from alliance

- If all of your friends and your whole family turned into zombies what would you do? Like in zombieland ofc ^^

-How much and when do you play, during a normal week: Still studying, but roughly i play about 40h / week

-Your occupation and working hours: School, 8am - about 4pm, might not always be elegible at friday / saturday.

-Guilds that you have played with and why you left them: Played with Precious People (alliance) in Wotlk, though they all migged to another server, so i switched to horde since i got some friend playing there.

-Provide a link to the WoW Armory Database : ... niq/simple
(note that i just turned 85 for a few days ago since i was late into cataclysm, further info later on)

-Provide a link to a recent screenshot of your UI

-What do you think you can add to our guild, tell us about your self: I were a pretty dedicated player at 80, and "precious people" (former guild) wasn't really unheard of, atleast not on ally side. I might be young in some eyes, and my recent ding might make you unsure about me. But im a serious player, im a quick learner and i will be fully ready in no time. My current gear is however not that good, but this won't be a problem since it's kinda easy to get good epics. A little help from the guild would of course also help me on my way.

-What is so special about you which makes you stand out from the bunch? 1st of all: Im a warlock. Most pve guilds are constantly running low on warlocks (however i do not know about this one) so for a starter im of a rare kind. Im also a fast learner. Im pretty much only interesed in pve so all my dedication will go to that factor. Im mostly helpful and kind to other players.

-If you were a car, what kind would it be? . Easy.

-Do you know how to wipe your own ass? Yes. I hate whiners.

-How much raiding experience do u have (vanilla , TBC & in Wotlk): TBC (on a hunter though) just some of the first raids. Wotlk: This Warlock. Every raid 10/25 man. Only did 25man lich king 1time, so i didnt get that far on that one.

- If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring and who would you like to be stranded there with you? I would like to bring some music, progressive preferable, and i would like to spend it with an alsatian.

- Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and how do they feel about you playing WoW? Currently i do not have a girlfriend so that won't be an issue.

- Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account? Planning on buying one, but i got a really long username and password, and a really really good antivirus etc so i don't think getting hacked will be an issue.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:28 pm
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Welcome aboard on a tryout status...
Pm any officer for invite...


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