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Nachtmystium - Paladin

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:41 pm
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-Is this an application to join Sun Tzu as a Raid-Member or as a Friend of someone in the guild:
Friend of Nire

-Character name:

-Class, Specc and Dualspecc (Also how is your gear for your dualspecc?):
Paladin, current spec is holy

-Professions (lvl):
None atm


-Country and City:

-How long have you played WoW:
5 years

-Who if any in this guild do you know and what is your relation to them? (Irl, ingame, brother and so on):
I just did some pugs with Nire

- If all of your friends and your whole family turned into zombies what would you do?
Im gonna pew pew them with my plants!

-How much and when do you play, during a normal week:
Almost all day :P

-Your occupation and working hours:
Nothing atm! I may gonna try a school soon! will be at mornings though

-Guilds that you have played with and why you left them:
Highborns! Most of my RL friends stoped playing

-Provide a link to the WoW Armory Database :

-Provide a link to a recent screenshot of your UI
UI Screenshot Link

-What do you think you can add to our guild, tell us about your self:
I just rerolled on my paladin and i mainly wanna focus on cataclysm with her!

-What is so special about you which makes you stand out from the bunch?
I dont like speaking for myself! I have lots of experience on the game! i have all classes to 80 (well almost)! and....

-How much raiding experience do u have (vanilla , TBC & in Wotlk):
...i have raided all instances from tbc to wrath!Played tank,healer and dps!

- If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring and who would you like to be stranded there with you?
Sasha Grey, Stoya and greek cheese!

- Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and how do they feel about you playing WoW?
I do have a girlfriend and she is cool of me playing wow! im actually trying to convince her NOT to start playing because if she will then i will forgot what sex means!

- Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account?
not atm!

Id like to add some of my other chars armory linx only because paladin is so fresh 80 that cant say anything about me
Chaostar, my old bitch
Moonfog, my feral dps alt
Olja , my spacegoat priest
Deathtrip, my "pvp" lock
i have one of every class but the rest are not worth mentioning!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:02 am
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Thanks for taking the time to apply but sadly we cannot offer you a spot in Sun Tzu atm.

Should the need arise we will contact you.

Good luck in your quest to find a guild.

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