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Nysia Resto / encha shaman.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:46 pm
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Hello Sun Tzu,

I hope you enjoy reading :twisted:


Nysia my shaman.

Nysi my mage:

The gear is have is a mix of mail, leather and cloth. I think the priority for shaman in WOLK is Spelpower, haste and crit based on that vision I did chose my current gear. I don’t look if its cloth, leather or mail I make / made my choices based on stats not armor. Not that the gear is very good at the moment. You will read later on why.
Under a bit theory crafting I used on my old shaman.
I used two set pieces tier ten. Shoulders and Hands. The hands I will replace with head when I did gather the emblems. Form the set bonus shaman gain 20 % spellhast if they cast riptide. That spellhaste is very good for raid healing. That’s why my priority was to get two set bonus fast. My current head is form Icc 10 and do not have bad stats so my next goal was to replace chest and trinkets. My chest is form the badge rewards. It has one more socket then the tier ten. Ten more haste rating and one more socket for twenty haste rating result in 30 more haste rating. That’s why I did choose the chest instead of the tier 10 chest. Necklace and rings are spellpower, crit and haste based. The ring form the faction reward is very good with the equip function. My pants I did let craft cause it have good stats and three sockets
As mainhand weapon I have trauma and the weapon form An 25 ( Mistery’s End).
On on the bis list was trauma recommend as bis item for shaman cause of the function that you heal yourself and members around you in 10 yards. That’s why I did bid on the item. However I did test the item in icc10 and in some random instances. The proc is very bad under 1.5% which makes my mace form AN with the haste and crit rating again more effective. On the other hand the spelpower you gain form Trauma is very good. I’m not sure about the mainhand so I switch often between fights. My trinkets are spelpower and in some fights I do the Pendora’s Plea cause of the spellpower proc bonus.
Second trinket I use is Althor’s Abacus. The proc is very good around 4-6% in raids.

As you see above my current gear is hast, crit and spellpower based. Mp5 is on many items in my eyes it not necessary to gem mp5. You gain a lot off manaregen form you water shield.
The soft haste cap for resto shamans is 1269 haste rating (38.7%). This means it lowers you GCD to 1 second. For lesser heal I did gain the GCD for Chainheal not. I’m not sure if that is necessary for raids because you will go very fast out of mana. My current gear is not good for that. For the soft cap you need also the trinkets (very unlucky did not have dpk and in pugs I did not drop and when it did drop I did not win it) my form toc25 to have the consent manaregen up. However for icc25 normal mode it’s not an issue for hard mode It can be very good.
As you read above I know some things about shaman’s and gear.

20 haste rating (yellow) = Lower your GCD
12 spelpower ( orange) = Lower your GCD and boots healing power
10 haste rating and 5mp5 (green) Lower GCD and because I don’t have the trinkets form toc25.
Meta gem: Insightful Earthsiege Diamond : Manaregen on spellcast.

Glyph of the Chainheal: Boots the healing in 25 men content more
Glyph of the Earth shield: When you heal tank he gains more healing but its not always the tank who get the Earth shield.
Glyph of the Lesser Healing Wave: 20% more healing if the target have earth shield is much it can’t harm in 10 men’s and if the earth shield is on another target then the tank.
Glyph of the Water Shield: Number increased decrease refreshing.
Glyph of the Renewed life: reagents… bye bye
Glyph of the Water Walking: for Fishing J

Jewel crafting: Im am able to craft the unique gems for myself.

Talents and play style:

Restoration: 0/16/55
This moment I’m talented into raid healing. The shaman in a very strong raid healer he with Chain heals and riptide he can heal the raid fast up. That doesn’t mean I don’t use lesser heal. When a target is low I use also lesser heal to get him fast back to normal HP. For raid healing I don’t use often healing wave that’s why I did not spec into Healing Way (increases healing wave by 8%). This more when you spec into tank healing but for raid healing can be useful. At this moment if prefer my build above that.
My healing rotation:
For dps there is a specified rotation for healing I don’t have one but since the tier ten bonus gives 20% haste I use Riptide every single time when I can to benefit from the buff.
Everybody has his unique play style so do I mine develop. I don’t believe in healing meters, al do they tell you when a player does not heal at all. For healing I think it’s important “what and when you heal, not how much”. When I’m assigned to a target I try my best and make sure he of the group is alive. When my assigned target is secure I can heal outside my assignment. The coordination between the fight and following orders is very important in fights. A player who heals random raid members and let his assignment die is not a team player. Anny ways I did start as “nuub” healer back in the level 60 days during the years I did develop my own play style I did wipe, learned for that and try to figure out how I can prevent things in the future.” Fast” and “effective” are they keywords. For example I have bound all my spells to mouse-over-weel marco’s to safe time. To optimize my class I read about changes in class (es), talents and experience form other players.

[url]Healer UI:[/url]

I dont have anny UI shot as hord. I wasnt very lucky in raids on this realm,

I don’t use decursive cause I think Im faster with my mouse -over-weel marco into grid.
#showtooltip Riptide
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
/Cast [target=mouseover, help] [] Riptide
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")

Cause I heal mouse -over-weel I can have 2 targets on focus. One focus option and one on target. Since I don’t target it says on focus.
My ui is not fancy but it does the job. All the addons I need are in my UI, keybinds as you see all in marco form.
I keep it simple so I can overview it easy.

The history
I did start World or Warcraft five years ago. First I saw it as a stupid game my partner always played but after a closer look to the game I did start play it. My first character a hord orc male shaman called silencerz. My friend did level that chare up to 34. He gave it to me so we could level together up to 60, as we did. Start pvp raid MC, and ZG. After a while I wanted a “pretty” character so I did start with my friend on sylavanas and made a pretty Human priest. Leveled her up to 60 and did start raid Mc, ZG BWL AQ 40 and bit in naxx. I was in Fusion, sylvanas. Then The burning crusade came and I level my priest up to 80. Start raid but after a while I thought I rather play shaman. So I did make Neeyo Soon she did hit 80 and cause of the fact my guild was low on shamans I did reroll. Since then she is my main, my class I enjoy playing the most. When WOLK came she still remains as my main character.

Guild History:
I did start as everybody on level 60 in a “nuub” guild with friends.
Braindead inc- disband
Shadow conclave: Disband after a while
I left this guild because
• Leadership fails, for example the Guild master is offline 30 days.
• Members do not want care about achievements, for example I have 16 fragments for the legendary after we killed the last boss nobody wanted to go there anymore. There is no attitude toward raiding just for the loot
• Slow progress.
• Members make silly mistakes and do not prepare for raids tactics, flask and food

Why did I stay so long?
Well I and few others did care about the guild and progress try to makes the best of the situation but when there is no will there is no way. I left because I want more form the game.

All cleared
All cleared pre Nerf.
I will start form ULD
ULD (10) 13/14 Drake achievement
ULD (25) 13/14 No hard modes, members didn’t care.
TOCG10 (insanity)
TOCG 25 ( 3/5) Member are not willing to go there anymore, myself I do and want.
ICC (10) 7/9 ( first wing, achievement second boss not)
ICC (25) 6/9

I Know my progress in 25 hard mode content isn’t great compare to your guild. I did stay to long in the guild to try to makes things right and hope for better times. I want to see and achieve more in the game in a friendly way.
Since there was no way to make a living on history I was forced to … my old shaman. But as a true player I did have a second on for pvp. I’m very proud on that but sometimes you have to do things in real life. My current shaman is very crappy but I’m a hard worker. I just moved to this realm and did transform into a troll. I can raid not on monday's rest isnt a problem. I play encha offspec.

If im alone on beach I would take:
My boyfriend, lighter and lots smokes….

The Person
Im Carolien 25 years old and life in the Netherlands.
Job: I work as teacher in history and 2 days a week I go to the university to do my second Master in history, modern war and society. My job allows me to have a lot of spare time. Working hours mostly always over day. I life together with my partner, also plays wow, but did stop during work.
Other interest:
I play tennis to stay in shape and in the weekend we go out often with friends or together.

If you did fall asleep I totally understand that  I see you don’t recruit anymore for the new expansion. I hope I can it in the team and im looking forward to it.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:24 pm
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What Guild is your boyfriend in and why arent you playing together.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:36 pm
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He quit playing hardcore after TBC. His job wont allow it to raid. Nowerday he plays. HON and SCII. We always played together but since he left wow. It do not mean we interfear the game. We havnt bin in guild together. He was never a pve player, but pvp player. Im however I rather run then fit I dont fit into that :oops:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:42 pm
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Pending review by Bubbelhs or Mysterion.

The only honest measure of your Success is what
you are doing compared to your True Potential

On a long enough Timeline the Survival Rate of Everyone drops to ZERO
Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:56 pm
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Can't realy promise you anything more than a friendly guild, with alot of fun people atm. If you want to join and hang around till cata comes, and when 85 try to get a raidspot you are more than wellcome. If so, contacct any officer online for a invite.

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