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Housee - Holy Paladin

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:27 pm
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-Character name: Housee

-Class, Specc and Dualspecc (Also how is your gear for your dualspecc

Paladin Holy

My duals spec is retri,wich i dont use it,have only 1 piece of gear.
I would like to be prot as offspec but i dont have gear.

-Professions (lvl):

Jwl for dragon's eye gems.



-Country and City:


-How long have you played WoW:

5 years,2 years on retail.

-Who if any in this guild do you know and what is your relation to them? (Irl, ingame, brother and so on):


- If all of your friends and your whole family turned into zombies what would you do?

Thats not possible.

-How much and when do you play, during a normal week:

4,5 hours. More if raid day.

-Your occupation and working hours:

Student at medschool. No work.

-Guilds that you have played with and why you left them:

Alliance guild,Fusion. Played with a rogue,i got bored of the alliance and dps. Wanted more responsability so i choosed holy paladin and horde faction.
I had no problem with the guildmembers.

-Provide a link to the WoW Armory Database : ... &cn=Housee
-Provide a link to a recent screenshot of your UI

Out of combat screenshot,dont have in combat.

-What do you think you can add to our guild, tell us about your self:
I'm a patience guy who likes to do the thing by the book.

-What is so special about you which makes you stand out from the bunch?

I'm not special,i'm just another good healer who knows his class and every spell,wnehn to use them and boss tacticts. But,i'm not perfect,i make may do mistakes.
As a paladin healer i am staying up to date with elitistjerks and tankspot.
Also i cant heal without my keybinds and macros.Got mouseover macros for 99 % of my healing and helpfull spells.It makes healing more easier.

-How much raiding experience do u have (vanilla , TBC & in Wotlk):

Also many wipes in rs 10 with pugs.

AS dps i cleared icc 10 and 25, 7/12 in hc mode.

As healer i managed to do 8/12 in both iccs with pugs,wich is incredible,because at alliance as a rogue only 4/12 was pugable.

- If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring and who would you like to be stranded there with you?

Food,water. Basicly what i need to survive. I would prefere to be alone :)

- Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and how do they feel about you playing WoW?

Not anymore. Wow ? She had no ideea what is that.

Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account?

Cant buy it in my country,sadly.

Hope my application is easy to read.

I dont mind to fight with others for spot in raid. I dont mind being the backup in case the holy paladin cant attend the raid. Whenever is a raid i will be online and waiting.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:49 am
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Thanks for taking the time to apply but sadly we cannot offer you a spot in Sun Tzu atm.

Should the need arise we will contact you.

Good luck in your quest to find a guild.

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